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Chapterwise Important Topics for Geography Mains(Paper II)

Paper II    Section A
S. Chapter                                                                               Topic
1 Physical Setting                                    Physiographic features of India - Himalayas
                                                                Physiographic features of India - Northern Plains
                                                                Physiographic features of India - Peninsula
                                                               Antecedent draiange of Himalayas
                                                               Himalayan & Peninsuar drainage system
                                                              Comparison of Himalayan & Peninsular Drainage System
                                                              Climatic regions of India (Kendrew & Stamp)
                                                              Climatic regions of India (Koppen, Thornthwaite)
                                                              Climatic Regions of India (Trewartha)
                                                              Indian Monsoon
                                                              Rainfall Pattern
                                                              Floods & Droughts (Also covered in Paper II section B)
                                                              Major Soil Types of India & their distribution
                                                              Vegetation of India
                                                              Watershed (short note)
                                                              Tropical Cyclones in India (Also covered in Paper II section B)

2 Resources                                     Fossil Fuel resources (Energy Crisis - Discuss Renewable resources)
                                                         Non Conventional Energy Resources

3 Agriculture                               Role of infrastructural Factors (Irrigation, seeds, fertilizers, power etc)
                                                    Role of Institutional Factors (Land holding, land tenure & land reforms)
                                                    Role of Irrigation & Irrigation pattern in India.
                                                   Green Revolution
                                                   Second Green Revolution (Short Note)
                                                   Imperatives of Ushering Second Green Revolution (Short Note)
                                                   Dry Farming (Full Length)
                                                   Agro & Social Forestry
                                                   White Revolution (Full Length)
                                                  Agricultural efficiency (Short Note)
                                                  Agricultural Productivity (Short Note)
                                                  Agricultural Intensity (Short Note)
                                                  Land Capability (Short Note)
                                                 Agro-Climatic zones of India & its basis
                                                 Animal Husbandary in India (Full Length)
                                                 Crop Combination Regions

4 Industry                                 Industrial regions of India & their characteristics
                                                 Growth, Location & Distribution of Iron & Steel Industries
                                                 Growth, Location & Distribution of Cotton textile Industries
                                                 Growth, Location & Distribution of Fertilizer Industries
                                                  Liberalization & New Industrial Policy
                                                 Special Economic Zones
                                                 Growth of Indian Industry esp since independence
                                                 Tourism & Ecotourism

5 Tranport & Trade                Road Transport of India (Cover Golden Quadrilateral from Direction)
                                               Golden Quadrilateral (Short Note)
                                                Rail Transport of India
                                               Water Transport of India
                                               Air Transport (Short Note)
                                               Ports & their  role in foreign trade
                                              Development of Communication technology in India

Paper II    Section B
S. Chapter                                                                         Topic
1 Cultural Setting                                           Population - growth & distribution
                                                                    Distribution pattern of Population density in India (Full Length)
                                                                    Demographic Attributes - Sex ratio (short note)
                                                                     Literacy & how to improve it (short note)
                                                                     Population Policy of India
                                                                 Tribal Areas of India - its problems & role of tribal devp blocks
                                                                   Genesis of racial diversity (short note)
                                                                  Migration (inter-regional, intra-regional & international)

2 Settlements                                                     Types, Patterns & morphology of rural settlements
                                                                          Morphology & Patterns of Rural Settlements
                                                                          Slums & how to address the problem
                                                                          Morphology of Indian cities.
                                                                         Salient Features of Indian Urbanization & Problems
                                                                      Characteristic of Rural Urban Fringe in India (short Note)

3 Regional Development & Planning               Regional development planning in 5 year plans
                                                                          Command Area Development (Short Note)
                                                                          Watershed as a planning unit
                                                                          Multi-Level Planning
                                                                          Rural Development Program
                                                                          Regional Disparities (Short Note)
                                                                          Drought Prone Areas Programme (Short Note)
                                                                          Desert Development Programme (Short Note)
                                                                          Regional Planning in India

4 Political Aspects                                            Role of India in geopolitics of the Indian Ocean
                                                                         International Boundary of India & related issues
                                                                         Regional Consciousness
                                                                        Geographical Basis of Indian Federalism (short note)
                                                                        State Reorganization since 1950s (Short Note)

5 Contemporary Issues                                  Earthquakes
                                                                       Environment Impact Assessment
                                                                       Landslides (short note)
                                                                      Tropical Cyclones in India
                                                                      Interlinking of Rivers
*Ghanshyam Thori  

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