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Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU)-Applications for MBA,M.Sc.,MCA,MA courses

Applications are invited for admission to the following courses offered by this University for the academic year 2012-2013.
Selection Procedure
 1. Integrated M.Sc. – Ph.D  in Genomics
 2. M.Sc     - Microbial Gene Technology (MGT)
 3. M.Sc     - Bio-Chemical technology (BCT)
Admission based on Entrance Test,
Seminar & Interview
 1. M.B.A     - Master of Business Administration
2. M.C.A     - Master of Computer Applications
3. M.B.A     _ Hospital Administration
4. M.A.        -  Administrative Studies
Admission based on Entrance Test, Group Discussion & Interview
1. M.Sc.     – Sub-Aqua Marine Ecology & Toxicogenomics
                     (SAME & TG)
2. M.Sc.     – Electronics & Instrumentation (E & I)

Admission based on Entrance Test Only
How to apply
Prospectus, Application & Fees details for the above said courses can be downloaded from the following website:
In addition to that, visit the following websites for the following courses:
Integrated M.Sc.-
Ph.D. in Genomics        -
MGT                              -
BCT                               -
Xerox copies of downloaded applications may also be used.
Entrance Test Centres: Madurai, Chennai, Bengaloru, Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Mumbai, New Delhi & Thiruvanthapuram

Filled-in application along with a demand draft of Rs.600/-
towards registration fee obtained after the date of advertisement be drawn in favour of:
‘ The Registrar, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai’
Payable at Madurai should be sent to the following address:

                                    THE REGISTRAR
                                    Madurai Kamaraj University
                                    Palkalai Nagar
                                    Madurai-625 021.
All P.G. Courses
Candidates should have studied under 10+2+3 or 10+3+2 or 10+1+4  pattern.
Candidates who are undergoing the VI semester/III year (Non-Semester) of the course  without arrears are eligible to apply

SC/ST candidates are exempted from the payment of Registration Fee for any one course only, For additional courses applied, Registration Fees should be paid.

However, they have to send the Xerox copy of the Community Certificate along with the application.

Non-resident Indians and foreign nationals may also apply (Separate quota is available).

Students should write their name, complete address and course for which applied in Block letters on the reverse side of the demand draft.

Prospectus, Application and
Fees details available from website    … 23.12.2011 

Last date for receipt of filled in application … 06.02.2012

Date  of Entrance Test             10.03.2012 & 11.03.2012

For eligibility and other details visit
            1.Integrated M.Sc. – Ph.D. in Genomics - (2 + 3 years)
2.     M.Sc. Microbial Gene Technology - (2 years)
3.     M.Sc. Biochemical Technology - (2 years)
4.   M.Sc. Sub -Aqua Marine Ecology & Toxicogenomics - (2 years)
5.   M.Sc. Electronics and Instrumentation - (2 years)
6.   M.B.A - Master of Business Administration - (2 years)
7.     M.B.A -  Hospital Administration - (2 years)
8.     M.C.A - Master of Computer Applications -  (3 years)
            9.   M.A. Administrative Studies (2 years)


                  Prospectus and application can be downloaded from the following                          
                  1. Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D in  Genomics:
                  2. M.Sc. Microbial Gene Technology:  
                  3. M.Sc. Biochemical Technology:       
   4. M.Sc. Sub-Aqua Marine Ecology
                                      & Toxicogenomics:       
            5. M.Sc. Electronics & Instrumentation:             
6. M.B.A–Master of Business Administration:
                  7. M.B.A. (Hospital Administration):    
                  8. Master of Computer Applications:        
                  9. M.A. Administrative Studies                 
Xerox Copies of downloaded applications may also be used.


1)     Integrated M.Sc.- Ph.D in  Genomics
A Bachelor's degree in Science in    any branch of Life Sciences – Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Biotechnology, or equivalent- Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Veterinary Sciences and Agriculture from any recognized Indian or Foreign University. Students with B.Tech. Degrees in Biotechnology, Computer Science, Information Technology and Bioinformatics, with Biology at +2 level are also eligible to apply.
            Note:  A minimum of 40% seats  will be allocated to candidates from outside Tamilnadu  State (Residence and Institution)

2)     M.Sc.(Microbial Gene Technology) (M.Sc.(MGT))
      A Bachelor's degree in science courses where Biological Sciences – Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Microbial Technology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Genetics, etc- is either a Major or an Ancillary subject.  Students from professional courses such as MBBS, B.VSc., B.D.S, B.Pharm, B.Sc.(Agriculture) and related subjects from a recognized Indian or Foreign University are also eligible.

3)     M.Sc.(Biochemical Technology) (M.Sc.(BCT))
A pass in B.Sc. degree in Biochemistry/Biotechnology/Genetics/Nutrition and Dietetics/ Microbiology/ Biology/ Botany/ Zoology/ Chemistry / Medical Laboratory Technology/Triple major with Biochemistry and allied subjects.

4)     M.Sc.(Sub-Aqua Marine Ecology & Toxicogenomics)(M.Sc.(SAM& TG))  
      Candidates with a Bachelor's Degree in any branch of Life Sciences. (Biology/ Biochemistry/ Botany/ Zoology/ Marine Biology/ Microbiology/ Bio-technology or equivalent of a recognized Indian or Foreign University is eligible). Since the study involves underwater ecology, candidates need to have basic swimming skills. 

     5)    M.Sc. (Electronics & Instrumentation)
A pass in B.Sc.-Physics, Electronics, Applied Science,  Electronics & Communication,   Instrumentation  or  Computer  Science  or  any  other  B.Sc,  degree  with  Physics  or  Electronics as ancillary subject.

     6)    M.B.A – (Master of Business Administration)
             A pass in any Bachelor's degree

    7)    M.B.A. (Hospital Administration)
            A pass in any Bachelor's degree

     8)   M.C.A – (Master of Computer Applications)
i)                Graduate in any discipline with Mathematics as compulsory subject at 10+2 level             

     ii.         Graduate in Computer Science / Computer Applications / Software / IT

The candidates who have not studied Mathematics at +2 level but having studied the subjects:
(i)              Business Mathematics
(ii)            Business Mathematics & Operational  Research
(iii)          Operations Research
(iv)          Business Mathematics and Statistics
(v)            Numerical Methods and Mathematics

 only at graduate level are not eligible to apply.

9)   M.A. (Administrative Studies)
      Any bachelor Degree (10+2+3 / 10+2+Agri. / Engg. / Medicine) of any University recognized by the UGC.

                           a)     Candidates should have studied under 10+2+3 or 10+1+4 or 10+3+2     
b)     Candidates who are undergoing the VI Semester/ III year (Non-    
        Semester) of the U.G course without arrears are eligible to  
        apply for   P.G. courses.     
c)     The candidates should have successfully completed the course at the time 
        of admission.

                FOR ADMISSION

1)          Applicants are requested to read carefully the rules of eligibility and  other  
            instructions given in the prospectus.

2)          Applicants who are willing to apply for more than one course should use     separate application form for each course.

   3)      Registration Fee
Each course
a)     Applications defective in any particulars will summarily be rejected.
b)     Filled-in application should be sent on or before   the last date specified to

MADURAI 625 021.


A.     The selection of candidate is based on the marks in the Entrance Test conducted by   Madurai Kamaraj University and the short-listed candidates will be called for 
         Seminar presentation and Interview conducted by Madurai Kamaraj University at  
         Madurai  for the following courses:
               1.     Integrated M.Sc. Ph-D in Genomics
               2.     M.Sc. Microbial Gene Technology
               3.     M.Sc. Biochemical Technology

  B.       The selection of candidate is based on the marks in the Entrance Test 
             conducted by  Madurai Kamaraj University  for the following courses:               
   1.     M.Sc. Sub-Aqua Marine Ecology & Toxicogenomics
   2.     M.Sc. Electronics and Instrumentation

  C.      The selection of candidate is based  on the  marks  in the Entrance Test conducted by  Madurai   Kamaraj  University  and  the  short - listed  candidates  will  be  called for Group Discussion &  Personal Interview   conducted by Madurai  Kamaraj  University at  Madurai for the following courses:

           1.        M.C.A. - Master of Computer Applications
       2.        M.B.A. - Master of Business Administration
       3.        M.B.A. - Hospital Administration
       4.        M.A. Administrative Studies

D.              This University reserves the right to change the Selection Procedure.

VIII.                      ENTRANCE TEST
1.     Applicants seeking admission for  these  courses are required to appear for  
                        the Entrance Test to be conducted by the Madurai Kamaraj University.
2.   The entrance test will be of objective type for a period of 100 minutes.
                  3. Mere appearance for the entrance examination does not mean that the  candidate is  eligible for admission.

4.   Entrance Test Centres:

         The Entrance Tests may be conducted at the following centres:
1. Madurai                   5. Kolkata
2. Chennai                  6. Mumbai
3. Bengaloru               7. New Delhi
4. Hyderabad             8. Thiruvananthapuram  

5. Course Outlines for Entrance Test

                  a.   Integrated M.Sc – Ph.D in Genomics
                        The Entrance Test will have components of Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Mathematics at Bachelor degree level.

                        Studentship: Students selected for admission for M.Sc. Genomics course will be paid a consolidated stipend of Rs. 1,200/- p.m. till the completion of IV Semester.

Ph.D Enrollment & Eligibility for Admission

                        On the day of completion of the final examination of the fourth semester, counseling for Ph.D. admission will be conducted.  During counseling, the students are expected to express their interest and commitment for continuing in the Ph.D. programme.  Among the 24 students, who have completed two years of PG programme, 15 students would be enrolled for immediate Ph.D registration based on their cumulative academic performance in the first four semesters.  This selection will be made during the month of May every year.  The waitlisted candidates will be enrolled if vacancy arises within three months (i.e. on or before August of that year).

                        Students can enroll for their Ph.D as per the rules and regulations of Madurai Kamaraj University.  Candidates can submit their Ph.D. thesis after the completion of three years with other course requirements (please refer the Ph.D. guidelines of Madurai Kamaraj University).


                        The fellowship for the students admitted to Ph.D. will be Rs. 12,000/- p.m. + 15% HRA + MA (Rs. 14,150/- p.m.) for first two years and Rs. 14,000/- p.m. + 15% HRA + MA (Rs. 16,450/-) for the third year.

a.     M.Sc.(Microbial Gene Technology)
The Entrance test will have components of Microbial Technology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Nanobiology at Bachelor Degree level.

                  c.   M.Sc.(Biochemical Technology)
                        The entrance test will have 50% components of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Microbiology in Bachelor Degree level and another 50% components on all aspects of science as General Knowledge.

                 d.   M.Sc.(Sub-Aqua Marine Ecology and Toxicogenomics)
The entrance test will cover the areas of Marine Biology, Coral Reef Ecology, Marine Pollution & Toxicology, Marine Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Immunology and Biotechnology at the undergraduate level.

                  e.   M.Sc.(Electronics and Instrumentation)
The entrance test will cover Electronics, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science at ancillary level.

f.      M.B.A – (Master of Business Administration)
The entrance test will cover English Comprehension and Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, Data Analysis and Interpretation and Business and Economic awareness.
g.   M.B.A – (Hospital Administration)
The entrance test will cover English Comprehension and Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, Data Analysis and Interpretation and Business and Economic awareness.

h    M.C.A - Master of Computer Applications
The entrance test will cover 30% components of Mathematics at the 10+2 level, 30% components of logical reasoning/analytical ability at the level of bachelor's degree, 10% components of proficiency in English at the level of Bachelor's Degree and a component of  knowledge of computers and computer application at introductory level constituting 30%.

i.     M.A. Administrative Studies
       The entrance examination will be of objective type with four components       namely General Awareness on Science and Technology, Freedom movement,       Indian Culture and Society, Industrial Development and Globalization for 25       marks, Current events of national and international importance for 25 marks,       Proficiency in English for 25 marks and Mental ability and power of reasoning for 25 marks.

Entrance Test Date:   10.03.2012

10.00a.m. to 11.40 a.m
12.20 p.m to 2.00 p.m.
3.00 p.m. to 4.40 p.m.

1. Integrated M.Sc.- Ph.D      in  Genomics

2. M.Sc.(B.C.T)

3. M.A. Administrative
4. M.Sc.(M.G.T)

5. M.Sc. Electronics 

Entrance Test Date:  11.03.2012

9.30 a.m. to 11.10 p.m
11.40 p.m. to 1.20 p.m.
2.00 p.m. to 3.40 p.m.
6. Master of  Computer
    Applications – M.C.A.

7. Master of Business
    Administration – M.B.A.

8. M.B.A.(Hospital 
9. M.Sc.(SAME  & TG)


A limited number of seats are available under NRI / Foreign students category for the following courses:

1)    Integrated M.Sc. –Ph.D. in Genomics
2) M.Sc. Microbial Gene Technology
3)  M.Sc. Biochemical Technolohy
4)   Master of Computer Applications
5)Master of Business Administration

Students who wish to apply under NRI / Foreign students category may download the prospectus and application form.  Duly filled-in downloaded application may be forwarded to the Registrar by paying US$ 200/- by a demand draft drawn in favour of THE REGISTRAR, MADURAI KAMARAJ UNIVERSITY payable at MADURAI towards the application and registration fee.

NRI students may also request the Head of the Department for the hard copy by paying US$ 200 by way of the demand draft towards the application and registration fee.
Selection of NRI candidates will be based on the marks secured in qualifying Examination.

The following certificates are to be produced by the candidates under NRI category:

1.     Valid passport of the sponsor with foreign visa (should be related)
2.     NRI Status certificate in the country of stay of the sponsor
3.     NRI Statement of Bank account / Bank pass book of the Sponsor


Prospectus and Applications  available
 From Website
Last date for submitting filled-in application
Date of Entrance Test
10.03.2012 & 11.02.2012

 For further details and information about eligibility, please click here

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