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UPSC CPF Assistant Commandant (AC) Exam 2011 Answer Key / Cut Off

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Conducts Central Police Forces (Assistant Commandants) Exam 2011 For 497 Posts.CPF Exam Was Held For Various Posts In BSF, CRPF, CISF, ITBP, SSB.

As usual there were 150 questions ranging from reasoning to general awareness to physics to chemistry to history to math to geography to biology to and such. And there was one essay, Precis writing and comprehension.

Cutoff likely to remain around 100..............

Answer KEY: 

4. Earth…..tangerine….-A

7. Pressure Gradient Force

8. Venus-2 only

9. River Tributary- 4321

11. American Indian-4321

12. SAARC-(C) 1st Saarc award

15. Harappan Civilisation- Punj., Sind, NWFP, Kathiawar, Gan-Yam Doab

17. RTI- neither FR nor LR

18. Emergency- one yr at a time

19. Rajya Sabha-1/3 aftr 2 yrs

20. Fund. Duties- 3 only

21. MMRCA- France dassault rafale

22. Heavy water- heavier isotope

23. Melting ice-PC/Burning Candle-CC

24. Steam- Latent Heat

25. Zerlina






31. Border-Guard(2314)

32. Manipur

33. Nallamala-Nilgiri-annamalai-cardamom

35. Paints-4213

36. Hyderabad

37. **ran Bedi

39. Foreign Policy-1,2,3

42. Power of State leg- Altring state name

44. Money Market- Rbi

45. (B) – Negotiate

46. short-circuit- increase heavily

47. Transformers- Minimize power loss

49. Acce. Due to gravity-(B) decreases as we go up or down

50. Force

51. (B)-not able to reschedule

52. © som parents hav daughters

53. (B) No pediatrics are Asians

54. (C) no utensils…..

55. Bihar-WB-Kerala-UP

56. High BR and falling DR

57. Brunei Daru….

58. Wheat

59. Afghanistan

60. Aman ** asha

64. Bhutan

65. Abolition of titles….

69. Trade Policy

70. (D) Replacing import…..

71. Judges of SC-1,2,3

72. nowhere

73. conduct charge produced by friction

75. 3412(cleanin water)










91.(A) Office of Khalifa….


95.JC Bose

96. Increase in algal bloom…..

98. Broad base & tapered top

99. Oct-Nov

100. N-E India

102. Capitalist

104. Radiation

106. Home rule…..2&3 only

111. (B)Someone did not obtain……..

112. hump with stored food

114. warren hastings:lsg

115. 2.3 only

117. 1-3-4-2

118. (D) just mere…..

119. LAC- 2&3

121. China

124.China SEA- 3 only

125. US military…….(c)2&4
ven diagram question.......(7 in number)

1) what is the number of school teacher living in city who have 2 children but neither science graduates nor women.............18

2) what is the number of city dwelling women sci graduates who are school teachers and have 2 children....38

3) total number of non women science graduates in urban areas....11

4)number of women school teachers in the urban areas who have two children........51

5) number of male science graduates who are not living in urban areas.....45

6) number of male science graduates ho are not school teachers n do not live in the urban areas, but have two children.23

7) number of males living in urban areas who are not school teachers by profession, not science graduates, and do not have 2 children.............11

Answer key for all set:CLICK HERE

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