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SSC CGL 2011 Interview Preparation...

In SSC CGL INTERVIEW IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT For getting good Rank.So its importance can’t be ignored and thus should be treated with most sincerity. In CGLE-2010 only 28% of the candidates who were called for the interview scored 60 or above; which shows how tough the interview stage is.

*Question asked in SSC are mainly from what you have written in you Bio-data form....So prepare well as many question as possible from it......

-Questions on your graduation subject,hobbies are highly likely to be asked....
-Question like role of tax inspector and role of other post too can be asked.....  

 -Question on recent person/event in news can also be asked........

*GUYS participate in the interesting poll on the right hand side for the best Group A post through SSC CGL...

INTERVIEW----An Introduction
 The interview process runs from 15 minutes to 20 minutes generally and is conducted by a team of 4-5 members including the Chairman. Remember this board do not try to judge your general knowledge or any other subject matter specifically but its main purpose is to see how you respond to a particular query rather than what you answer. Therefore if you are unable to give an answer correctly it’s better to admit your ignorance. But it doesn't mean you take the things casually; it’s always in your favour if you answer the query correctly.
Marks in the interview may go upto 80 or even more; and as low as 25 or even further down. Now the question is who are those getting 70, 80 or higher marks. Of course they need not be brilliant in academics.
Questions in interview can be on any subject/topic that you have read in 12th standard, graduation & post graduation. Therefore a candidate ordinary in bookish knowledge can score high marks in an interview Following traits will help:
1. Personality---the various aspects of a person’s character that combine to make them different from other people
2. Eloquence ---ability of using language and expressing one’s opinions well
3. Good in academics and co-curricular activities
4. Awareness of the present happenings and events
5. Evaluation and formation of own opinions
6. Expression of job experience, if any, desirably
7. Leadership qualities

Real SSC CGL Interview Experiences

1)i'm a math(h) student..gave my interview last year...sscchief took my interview...he asked me some questions mainly from statistics and linear what is median, normal distribution, graph of normal distribution....i couldn't answer any...he he...
from linear programming he asked me the definition of linear programming, then how to solve a transportation and assignment problem...what is north-west corner method...i was able to answer these questions...
 i got 57 marks in the intrvw..and have been selected for preventive officer in CGL interview was taken by a board which was chaired by sscchief....and the question mentioned above were asked about maths....and then i was grilled in basic science questions and some current affairs questions.....the intrvw was over with in 15 min.

2)Interview of one Mr CHANDAN (SSC--SAS/07.10.10)
 1.kashmir Issue
2.ayodha Issue
3.honours paper
4.difference in democracy of india and america
5.fundamental rights
6.some ques, about call center
7.home town

3)Interview of one Mr ARUN (SSC-CGLE-2010)
 1.Home Town
2.Father’s occupation and about his work,in his organisation
3.As Science graduate,question from science like-
Boyles law,Green house effect and why it is called green house, Gas emitted from car,Archimides law, Metal which do not react with Oxygen
4.Hobby (Details,not only details very details.)
5.Polassy War,Mirzafar and some other questions from history like when Boxer War was held and among whom.Who won etc
6.Swami Vivekananda And Ramakrishna
Actually I think Questions can be asked from any where......Prediction is difficult.But most of the questions from biodata.

 4)Interview of one Mr SHANTANU (SSC-CGLE-2010)
 hiii guys.. today ws my interview at 9am in grp A... my interview board ws headed by ssc chairman n k raghupathy... there were 2 other interviewer in d board.... nw following r da topic on which questions wr asked:
1. hobby
2. subjects in degree
3. subjects in +2
4. mother tongue
5. some questions on whr i stay n y is tat place named so..
6. some history, geography nd litreature questions...
7. since i m bengali a lot of questions on bengali litreature
8. nobel prize winners
9. some mathamatical questions

5) Interview of one Mr CHANDAN (SSC-CGLE-2010)
 1.ques related to my name
2.a poem on my name
3.some ques from hons. paper
4.some ques. from subsidary paper
5.about hobby
6.languages about which i written in bio-data
over all this time most of the question depended on my bio-data.they didn't ask any que
on current topics..

6)Interview of one Mr JERSEY No. 10 (SSC-CGLE-2010)
 1. meaning of my name and its 5 synonyms ..
2. significans of CWG
3. is indias judiciary system Independnt ??
4. who is a better captain between dhoni and ponting. {i mentioned watching cricket is my hobby}

5. control systems , full wave reactifiers , classifiacation of transfrmer{my graduation subs...i answered all of the}

6 my family and city

7 is india competative to china{ i answered good points but their question sent me on back foot}

8 why didnt you make sport as a career ? { i played tennis at state level and national level}...i answered

9. role model

10. disadvantages of right to information ....

Remark: i think i did better than my expectation..these are genral question..i think being college topper and a good sportsman would work in my is destiny...

expected marks in interview 55-65/100

7)Interview of one Mr TARUN (SSC-CGLE-2010)
 i entered in the room..panel consisted of three madam and 2 sirs..

i wished them good morning,the chairman told me to sit down..
sbse pehle to warm up kiya like kahan se ho, degree ke baare mein poocha..without any discussion..
as i am a homoeopath so he asked why u are trying for this course 5 and a half years ka hai to tumhe to practice krna chahiye..maine to napster wala reason bta diya..
chairman:- so u r looking for easy way
me:- not the easy way..dis will give me platform ..and as i want to work with some ngo so it will help me in working..
chairman:- agr mere jaisa boss hga to tumhe permission nai milega..
i kept silent..

uske baad to sirf medicine se question pooche gaye..80% question ke answer ho gye baaki jo 20% ke nai huye vo president ne pooche the..

medicine se bahar sirf ek question poocha..what is biodiversity and what we are doing to preserve was asked by 2nd male member..

madam ne to sirf medicine poocha aur kuch nai..

overall theek chala gya..

also hobby se ek question poocha tha..vo bhi superficially poocha..

8)Interview of one Mr INDERJEET (SSC-CGLE-2010)
 my stream is commerce

1. wat is dtc
2. wat is gst
3. who r commonwealth nations
4. different btwn current a/c and saving a/c
5. wat is mean median and mode
6. wat is micro economics
7. wat is social accounting
8. wat is coasting
9. wat is auditing
10. types of accounts
11. head office of uno
12. different btwn permanent member and temporary member of security counsel
13. slab of income tax for ladies
14. wat is yoga (hobby)
15. name of north east states with capital
16. chairman of rajya sabha
17. chairman of planning commission
18. how many states and ut in india
19. location of lakshdeep
20. name of some hindi poet and its poetry
21. sum maths questions
22. number of members in lok sabha and rajya sabha

9)Interview of one Mr JOY (SSC-CGLE-2010)
 venue : bangalore
three member panel ( two ladies and one gentle man :) )
q1 : why did u resign ur last job
q2 : why do u prefer this job over bank p o
q3, q4 ,q5,q6 : all relating to my previous job ( my views on that )
q7,q8 : relating to my graduation subject and its latest trends
q9: relating to my hobby
q10 : about world war 1 & 2 , world situation after that , role of united nations , iraq war

10)Interview of one Mr PANKAJ (SSC-CGLE-2010)
 I had my interview at allahabad on 20th oct.panel-3
There were total 3 panels.
I reached the venue at sharp 8:00am.there were people who were coming as late as 9 but i would advise u not to do so bcos 8:30 onwards the verification process starts and believe me the interview also starts in no time.they give u group pref form,state option form,a paragraph to write in hindi and english,specimen signatures.then they verify ur certificates and the interview starts by 10:15
my no.was 4th.
there were 5 members in my panel 4 gents one lady.
the person sitting in the center started the interview.
what type is indian economy.
when were the economic reforms made.what were they.
why people opposed it.what do u think.
what is disinvestment.what do u think about it gud or bad.give its pros and cons.
recently a psu is being disinvested name it.
disaster management.what happened in leh.about amount of rainfall in leh.phenomenon behind it.
national aquatic animal of india.
about vinoba bhave.
white revolution-founder ,inception place,company's name.full form of amul.
cag.what it audits.
how govt generates revenue in public finance
procedure of budget getting passed.
about golden quadrilateral.cities connected by it.
length of india from north to south and east to west.
On an average they are taking 15-20 min.mine was 20min long.
The members are very need to worry.they also assist you in giving answers.
Best of luck to all who are going to face interview.
the lady did not ask anything.mute spectatator.

11)Interview of one Mr SANDEEP (SSC-CGLE-2010)
 I have also attended my interview at Chennai on 21st . There were 4 interviewers including 1 lady.

The first Gentleman readout my college name, district, University name...he ticked with pencil on my GATE score in the bio-data form

The questions I faced are as follows......

First Gentleman :

-> Which is ur favourite department IT/CBI etc.....
-> Difference b/w Direct tax & Indirect tax (I said IT is my 1st preference)
-> Various taxes, I never heard of those names earlier (Since I'm an Engineering graduate)
-> Is Indian security system efficient?
-> Total strength of Army,Navy and Air Force put together ?
-> Have u applied for Civil Services?
-> Have u ever been to Vizag Navy ? (I belong to Andhra Pradesh)
-> The word "Neutrino" ? I'm not sure whether I typed it correctly...

Second Gentleman :

-> GreenHouse effect ?
-> National Song composed by whom ?
-> Fundamental Quality of an Indian ? General Q...
-> The word "TableTop" which came in the news during Mangalore plane crash.....
-> The box which is used to investigate the plane crash... (Black box)
-> Eminent persons in Carnatic music (Listening to music is my hobby)

Third Gentleman :

-> Ozone Layer depletion? He derived many Q's from my explanation...
-> Q's related to Computer Science ( Don't expect q's from known topics....if u prepare for 1000 Q's , they will ask 1001st Q.)

Lady ( She had been observing keenly right from the beginning ....I doubted whether she was the Psychologist) :

-> Questions from Computer Science :
AI, Robotics, Expert Systems, C, C++,JAVA, Compilers, Interpreter....etc

Friends, I think I have answered about 60%....My interview lasted for about 20 mins



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